The Algerian is an award winning international political thriller about the colliding worlds of the Middle East and America. It follows Ali (Ben Youcef / Best Actor LADFF 2014/ Best Actor, 2015 London Filmmaker Festival) across the globe from Algeria to New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles as it reveals he is a sleeper cell part of an international plot. 

The Algerian is truly an international film in scope, not only because the film was made on three continents (Europe, Africa and North America) but also because the filmmakers and cast are a group of multi-national professionals who come from The United States, Algeria, Sweden, Jamaica, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan and India.  The provocative post 9-11 story follows a young Muslim man, Ali, from Algeria to New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where he lives a double life as a sleeper cell pretending to be a university student.  As Ali awaits activation orders from the other three members of his cell team to attack the United States, he develops deep relationships of friendship and love with the very people he was sent to destroy.  Ali is overwhelmed with a building inner-conflict and the audience follows him as he navigates his soul to the surprise ending of the film.  This tense political thriller/drama is vividly brought to life by a powerful international cast: Ben Youcef (Munich), Candice Coke (Tyler Perry’s Temptation), Harry Lennix (Superman, Man of Steel), Tara Holt (Californication), Josh Pence (Gangster Squad), Sharon Ferguson (Quarantine), Said Faraj (Greenzone), Zuhair Haddad (The Pursuit of Happiness), and Seymour Cassel (John Cassavetes’ Faces).  Although the film is truly independent because of its budget and non-studio affiliation, it is none-the-less a powerful force with a voice in today’s social and artistic landscape.

Best Director, Giovanni Zelko, (2014 Independent Film Quarterly Magazine Film Festival), leads a talented and award winning cast and crew in this cross-continent odyssey about coexistence and tolerance, guiding The Algerian to win 19 awards in the festival circuit, including Best Picture numerous times, Audience Choice Award, Best Thriller, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound, Award of Excellence, Honorable Mention, and the Rhode Island Film Festival Grand Prize International Vision Award for Breaking down international cultural barriers through film.  The Algerian looks and feels like a larger budget “Hollywood” movie due to the tremendous painstaking efforts made by the collective team of filmmakers involved in its development, pre-production, production, and post-production.  Filmed in 46 separate shooting days over the course of two years, after one year of preparation, followed by two and a half years of post-production, The Algerian used time to its advantage with its small budget and small band of filmmakers to achieve its polished work of technical artistry.  The Algerian has everything movie-goers seek: a powerful story brought to life by world-class actors and accomplished filmmakers.