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Flixster User Score 90%

Fandango Fan Rating 4.5/5

Rotten Tomatoes Score 90%

IMDb Rating 8.6/10

*user ratings compiled after theatrical release, as of December 10, 2015

‎”…an inspiring and gripping film… The Algerian is an important call for sorely needed cultural dialogue…we need more films with this message.”‎

The Huffington Post (Bob Cesca)

“The Algerian…is a film with a message, a compelling story and…definitely worth seeing.”

Washington Times (David Keene)

“a pleasure to watch… Zelko’s directing is outstanding…The Algerian is pro Muslim and pro American with equal appeal.” Shine On Hollywood Magazine ‎(Alvaro Gutierrez)

“I loved (The Algerian)… Ben Youcef and Candice Coke’s acting is powerful and intense, and director Giovanni Zelko transports you into a timely and compelling story that keeps you riveted…I am very impressed.”

Michelle Danner (The Michelle Danner Acting Studio‎)

“The film’s cinematography is sharp and the racially diverse actors and actresses master their roles. What’s more, “The Algerian’s” message is noble.” Arab American News (Hassan Khalifeh)

“Now is the time to shine a light on downtown L.A. as the historic center of the film industry and a current hotbed of independent cinema. True to that spirit, the 11-day festival opens with Giovanni Zelko’s “The Algerian”, an international thriller shot in the Middle East, New York, and Downtown L.A.”

Los Angeles Times (Oliver Gettell)

The Algerian is…a compelling and well-acted international political thriller‎…that leaves you with something to think about.”

Independent Film Quarterly Magazine ‎(Briege McGarrity)

“The 6th annual Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles concluded last night with the top honor going to ” The Algerian,” the festival’s Opening Night Film that picked up awards for Best Picture- Narrative Feature-, Best Cinematography- Narrative and Best Actor- Feature (Ben Youcef)”

Hollywood Times (Valerie Milano)

“In “The Algerian,” director Giovanni Zelko takes a look at a topic that has become part of our social climate since the events of September 11, 2001… while injecting shots of adrenaline and action into the mix to keep the audience on edge.”

Rhode Island International Film Festival (Chelsea Boulrisse)

“a thriller on the surface, at its heart (The Algerian) is really a compelling character piece…Love wins out in this escalating thriller and a twist ending will keep you guessing.”

The Forum‎/Link Newspaper (Steve Coats)

“(The Algerian) is a well thought out film… Candice Coke and Ben Youcef bring the film together through their very insightful and multidimensional performances.”

Examiner.com /AXS Entertainment (Janet Fitzgerald)